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The other day I was shopping for my g/f I was at the electronics section looking for a memory card for her mp3 player ( one of the new gig cards . ) well anyways I was talking to the employee and he was looking up the type of card needed .
I was getting frustrated because they have no idea what they are doing so I was backing up to just walk away and I ddnt see that a lady was bending down looking at the merchandise in the glass and I backed up into her and fell backwards ( , my ass was in her face and I tripped over her backwards )
She had this horrified look on her face. I had fallen on top of her and everyone in the store was staring :shocked:.
I had no idea what to do so I helped her up and said I was sorry . I did not notice her crouching behind me . Her husband was laughing which made her mad and she rolled her eyes at me and told me to watch what I was doing next time :bird: . I told her that she should be carefull getting so close to some one and maybe next time if she stood in line that would not happen . :grin:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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