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Anyone have a really embarrassing moment you would rather forget? Perhaps one sooo bad, you would have rather slept the entire day, never even gotten out of bed! Well, lets hear em! Odds are you'll never meet anyone here so lets laugh at each other’s misfortune.

I know I can think of a few. Or maybe 20! But, one certain story really embarrasses me. For teenage life, I would shutter to remember...

I was in a band with a bunch of the kids in highschool your parents would rather you NOT hang out with. Poor kids with little or nothing to loose in life. I played guitar, we had a short, greasy faced bass player and his strange cousin who never said much more than" F--U mother F--er!" I'm still not sure about that guy. And we had the rich kid singer.... Ever noticed how band singers are always the rich bastard!?

Anyways, I meet this girl and we hit it off. She came around to watch the band practice and get all wasted later. Yeah, we where a little young for smoking wacky tabaccy but we did anyways. Well, I guess my friends had watched me and my girlfriend make out enough times and never go any further so they sorta gave us a little help. The fun began one night with all of us hanging out in the bass players sisters bedroom. She also happened to be a good friend of my girlfriend at the time. Well, we started kissing and almost on cue...all my friends got up and left. It was planned, I'm sure.

I had no choice. I wasn't really scare as I was just horny, but I also just wanted to nail her so I could brag and...well, you know young boys. So, we did our thing.

Well, I zip up and go to basically start bragging. Shortly, I hear a scream from sister’s room (we did it on her bed, hehe). My bass player and his odd cousin come running down the hall from the room dieing my girlfriend and me. I'm asking "What, what's so funny!" Well, here comes sister...

"There’s a TURD on my bed!"

My mind starts racing......did I forget to wipe? Wait! I was on top! ...She was on bottom. My gaze drifted to her about the same time her gazed over to me. "ITS WAS YOU" "No, it was YOU!" I figure maybe she was, you know, nervous, and maybe one slipped!. Either way, I was pretty freaked. And to top it off, my friends told EVERYONE that I [censored] while getting nooky!

Years went by. I never forgot about that. I know I didn't do it...then again, I was butt naked and I did sit on the edge of the bed just before putting my pants back on. Maybe I slide a little on the edge? Made a slight skid??

Well, one night I ran into my old bass player. He was feeling pretty good and drunk and he says" hey..You remember that turd on my sisters bed?...well, right after you two closed the door I noticed my dumb dog took another dump in the house, so, I ah, sorta tossed in on the bed after you guys left!"

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I was in a barbeque restaurant where the restrooms were marked "Maw" and "Paw". I used the one marked with a three-letter word beginning with "M", like I usually do. The waitress made fun of me for the rest of the meal.

I guess it wasn't that embarrassing, but it's all I can think of right now.
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