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DYNOJET Ignition Retard Controller for 2008-2010 Honda CBR1000RR

DYNOJET Ignition Retard Controller for 2008-2010 Honda CBR1000RR-Honda limited the power on the US Model 08-10 CBR1000RR, so that peak power is approximately 6 HP lower than the unlimited version of the ECU. This was done via modifed ignition timing values in the stock maps of the US spec ECU. The Ignition Retard Controller allows the bike to get the full power as designed by Honda. At low and part throttle, the IRC does not effect the ECU.

The Ignition Retard Controller maximizes engine performance for a 5-7 HP gain over stock 08-10 Honda CBR 1000RR. That's a pretty impressive power boost for only $54.95. The simple, plug-in unit installs in minutes with just a screwdriver and a 5mm hex key. The IRC integrates perfectly with all Dynojet products as well as other aftermarket tuning units.

NOTE:Installing this unit will make your bike run leaner at 100% throttle from 9500rpm to redline. Go into your Power Commander map and add a value of +9 to the existing value of each cell from 9500-13500 rpm in the 100% Throttle column. (i.e. - if at 10000 rpm and 100% Throttle your map currently has a value of 2 adding a +9 will make this cell a 11 when using the Dynojet IRC-1)
Also checkout our low priced Dynojet PC5 for the 2008-2010 Honda CBR 1000RR (Part# DJ16-002)

Call or email us for the pricing our deal will not be beat

Thank you!

Team McCoy Motorsports
Email: [email protected]
Phone (606) 432-1556
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