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Ducati Recalls 2001 Bikes

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Ducati recalls 2001 bikes
March 12, 2002 - From MCN

Ducati is recalling almost its entire 2001 range for attention to a clutch cylinder problem. The only bike it doesn’t affect is the 748R, which uses a slipper clutch.

The cylinders on the rest of the range are prone to leaking, which could potentially make the clutch jam. Ducati has stocked its dealers with replacement cylinders and written to owners recommending they put their machines in for the work to be carried out. Spokesman Luke Plummer said: " We have had no reports of clutches jamming. It is a standard safety recall. "

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And Brembo gets to eat this one. Now if only Ducati would step up and take responsibility by admitting that they know about the faulty plating on their rockers.

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I had this posted in the forum before the site crashed. My 2001 748 clutch slave cylinder was beginning to show signs of leakage when they replaced the part. Took about 30 minutes total and seemed to be a no muss no fuss affair. The recall was brought to my attention by the dealer I frequent, they sent me a postcard on it. /images/icons/smile.gif

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Ducati's slave cylinders have been of a *very* weak design for a while. They typically have a seal failure that allows the slave to leak down. Mine failed last year while in traffic. I was comming up to a red light that was about 6 cars deep... I pulled in the clutch and nothing happend. Thank God for a wide shoulder!! It was fun making it back home without a clutch! The only problem with the recall is the design isn't any better. Chain sludge still get's flung onto the o-rings that seal the slave. I wish that Ducati/Brembo would adopt some of the aftermarket designs.

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ok i am not going to bash on this one it is waaaaay to easy /images/icons/tongue.gif/images/icons/laugh.gif

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What I can't understand is that there's only a recall in America?
Over here I talked to and asked several people but noone heard of a recall on the clutch cylinder!

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that's never good

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My bike has only 1600 miles on it... I havent noticed any leaking, 'YET'.

Is this something that has to be done proactively? Couldnt one just observe the clutch fluid reservoir for depletion?


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Yeah! That's what I would like to know. To be proactive, or not to be proactive.

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Mine was swapped out at about 3200 miles maybe. I did not notice any decrease in the level of my clutch fluid in the reservior. When the part was replaced it was just showing signs of starting to leak by the amount of fluid on the unit past the O-ring. Once it goes unchecked for some time I imagine you'd have to see your fluid getting low.

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Well, the recalls have started over here as well...

Was in the shop today for the first service of my 748 and there were several bikes waiting for their replacement cylinder...
If you've got a bike that's affected you'll get a letter from Ducati Benelux to say you have to get the cylinder replaced.
Guess I'm waiting for mine now....

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If you look behind and below the top nipple (?) you will see a painted dot denoting the new slave cylinders. If you don't have a dot you have the old defective part. This was in the recall thread I first posted before the crash (along with pics).

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