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Doin\' the \"Quad \"!

While I was planning my trip to Laguna (my first) I was thinking. This maybe a chance to see something that has never been done. Two riders may have a chance to do the "Quad". The "Quad" what is it you may ask, is what Tony Gobert and Nicky Hayden may have a chance to accomplish on the Laguna race weekend. That is if they can convince thier Teams to allow them to race in the AMA 600 and Superbike events as well as, the WSC events. We all know that Mr. Gobert is "chomping at the bit" to get back on the World scene. And young Mr.Hayden has also stated that he wants to go GP racing soon while he is still young. What away to showcase yourself by winning four races in one weekend by doin' the "Quad" !/images/icons/cool.gif Boy am I getting ahead of myself./images/icons/laugh.gif

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