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<font color=red>steve says "Dude your gettin A Dell!!"</font color=red>
DELL Latitude laptop
For sale.
DELL laptop CSx
500mhz , 128mb ram, 5 g HD
ASKING..$750 email with offers..
with EVERYTHING. shipping FREE.. to 48 US states with insurance..PAYPAL verified..
.i mean there is lots of accessories to it.. just a sample below

docking station
NIC/56k modem card
power cord
power cord for docking station
sweet Dell matching bag
wireless LAN card<for home networking>
recommend Win 2000 PRO os
DVD rom
3.5 floppy rom
touch pad mouse
battery holds 2 or 3 hour USAGE charge..
ALL drive are external.. so this laptop IS super lightweight..
works perfect..
maybe throw in a ZIP drive too..if i stil have it.. havent used ZIP in a long time..hehehe
i can provide HIGH Q pics email

[email protected]

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