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was wondering if anybody knows if todays race will be rebroadcast on any other channels.
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I thought ESPN was covering it... But it's over and I didn't check
It was live today....I don't think any other channels except the Speed channel are covering it....

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My biggest complaint so far with SPEED channel is the fact that they didn't show any of the AMA winners circle interviews. They showed the FIM race 1 podiums so that was cool. Just want to give congrats to Nick for his first Daytona superbike win! Way to go bro! I'll talk to Roger Lee this week sometime and see if they had a good party afterwards lol.

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i think they are replaying it tuesday at noon. i checked the speedvision channel and that is what i came up with. they also are showing the 600 race too. check for yourself to make sure......
i have a question about todays and this weekends races. these might be stupid questions, but i am new to racing. 1)i have seen a couple races last year (might of been replays not sure) are all the races this many laps? the ama races that i seen seemed to be shorter. 2)why don't they use the 1000 cc bikes? i know they have the 600cc class and the super bike (750cc class, i think thats what the class is called). that was really cool watching these races.....
The Daytona 200 is the longest of the AMA Superbike races. is a good site to learn about the series and the classes (similar to World Superbike Rules)if you can get to an AMA weekend somewhere you will learn more than a year of reading about it!WERA,&CCS are other racing bodies in the U.S.A. that have great competition and going to an event will HOOK you on racing.

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They do race the GSXR 1000's along with the 954RR and the like in a class called AMA formula extreme. You'll see them at all the other races along with 600 SS 750SS and superbike.
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