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I know with the CRA you can do Friday full day practice sessions at the track (set up in groups just like a track day) for only $80.00.

Normal track days at BIR run about $165.00 for the full day.
You also get discounts on tires and parts.

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I will be riding a few of these before I sign up for my novice riders license

The Sport Rider Program is the ideal way for non-racers to experience the thrill of Willow Springs International Raceway. This all-day event offers introductory classroom instruction to familiarize you with the track, rules and procedures and then a series of non-competition track sessions organized and supervised by experienced Willow Springs staff.
Each 10-15 minute track session groups bikes and riders of like displacement and skills to assure an exciting ride around Willow Springs famed road course.
Riders must have appropriate gear including approved leathers (2-piece leathers with full circumference connecting zippers are acceptable), gloves, boots, helmet, and back protector and their bikes must be appropriately prepped with no glass or plastic lens exposed, good tires and in the case of liquid cooled bikes, use approved coolants. Complete requirements are available online.
Fees for Friday Track Days are $130 if registration is received by the Wednesday prior to the event weekend, $150 thereafter. The Orientation School is required on your first visit and has tuition of $50. You will also need a Sport Rider license. The annual fee for a non-competiton license is $50.

For over 12 years, WSMC has provided motorcycle roadracers with the opportunity to compete for trophies, championship points, cash and prizes in a wide variety of classes designed to match riders with similar skills and bike designs.
As a new racer to Willow Springs, you are required to attend the Willow Springs New Racers School held each Saturday on race weekends. The school consists of both classroom training and track time and is conducted by WSMC’s experienced instructors. It is recognized throughout the racing community as one of the best in the United States.
You will then be placed in one of three Novice classes, depending upon the type of bike you ride: Lightweight (0-500cc), Middleweight (501-650cc) or Heavy-weight (651cc and above). After progressing through the novice program and completing at least 3 races and earning at least 10 upgrade points, you may be granted Probationary Expert status. You are then free to participate as in any Expert Class that matches your bike’s configuration. There are separate classes for production bikes, superbikes and vintage cycles. Only Pro riders may compete in the Formula 1 and Formula 2 races. Refer to an entry form for a complete listing of available classes.


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You will then be placed in one of three Novice classes, depending upon the type of bike you ride: Lightweight (0-500cc), Middleweight (501-650cc) or Heavy-weight (651cc and above)

[/ QUOTE ]

WOO HOO! I'm gonna get out there and earn a license on my road bycicle AND my pocketbike, since those qualify for 0-500cc displacement :smile: :smile: :smile:

though I might tire and give up climbing turn 3 on the road bike and crash. :tongue:
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