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Chili Valencia News

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(Valencia 2002, March 9)

Frankie Chili will start from the third row in the debut round of 2002 WSBK tomorrow at the Valencia circuit. Chili is not satisfied because after the first practice day he was waiting something more from his performance. On the contrary, in today's practice his machine suffered excessively from chattering especially with soft tyres. In the circumstances Chili preferred not take any risk, and at the end of the Superpole session he would be disappointed defending himself relegated to the third row of the starting grid and unable to improve his previous time, missing the sixth position and the second row by just 57/1000 of a second: "Yesterday after the first day of practising I was sure that today I would be able to stay with the fastest on my NCR Axo 998R Ducati," , - said Chili with a bitter smile - "but today my opinions have been twisted.. My machine started to suffer front and rear chatter without any explanation and I was not able to use the throttle as I would like to do. On one occasion as I was about to pass Walker in a corner, I had to brake very hard to avoid colliding with him, and lost grip. I had a wild moment as the machine went sideways, not due to late braking but due to the chattering. Of course I am unhappy not to be up with the leaders, but our pre-season planning was that we would need two or three races to be competitive."

Piergiorgio Bontempi has improved his performance today, but he is not satisfied at all because tomorrow he will start from the fourth row: "We are suffering the handicap in testing different set-ups on our NCR Nortel Network 748 Ducati during the race week end, and in those conditions it is easy to lose time. However it is important that the race season has started, now we know how competitive every one is and we still have a lot of work to do. This circuit is very hard for our tyres and we have suffered accordingly. There has been a moment when I was just behind Fujiwara and I was following him in an attempt to improve my lap time, but "Fuji" saw me and immediately entered the pit lane."

Broc Parkes had an unpleasant surprise due to a fever attack during the night which did not allow him to sleep comfortably. Even so he was able to improve his lap time, but not sufficiently to make the Superpole.

"Today I had several difficulties with the handling of my NCR Parmalat 998R Ducati, but above all I am not well; last night I had a high fever and I did not take any medicine because I did not want to fall fowl of the antidoping tests. I will visit the Clinica Mobile staff to get something for tomorrow."

The grid

Superbike: 1.BAYLISS Troy (Ducati) 1'34.814; 2.BOSTROM Ben (Ducati) 1'34.959; 3.EDWARDS Colin (Honda) 1'34.982; 4.HAGA Noriyuki (Aprilia) 1'35.015; 5.HODGSON Neil (Ducati) 1'35.065; 6.BORJA Juan Batista (Ducati) 1'35.891; 7.IZUTSU Hiroyuki (Kawasaki) 1'35.904; 8.PEDERCINI Lucio (Ducati) 1'35.909; 9.XAUS Ruben (Ducati) 1'35.937; 10.CHILI Pierfrancesco (Ducati NCR Axo) 1'35.948; …18.PARKES Broc (Ducati NCR Parmalat) 1'37.005

Supersport: 1.FORET Fabien (Honda) 1'37.674; 2.CHAMBON Stephane (Suzuki) 1'38.539; 3.CORRADI Alessio (Yamaha) 1'38.730; 4.CRUCIANI Stefano (Yamaha) 1'38.777; 5.TEUCHERT Juergen (Yamaha) 1'38.833; 6.VERMEULEN Chris (Honda) 1'38.877; 7.KELLNER Christian (Yamaha) 1'38.877; 8.PITT Andrew (Kawasaki) 1'39.013; 9.FUIJWARA Katsuaki ( Suzuki) 1'39.029; 10.MacPHERSON Iain (Honda) 1'39.121;… 15.BONTEMPI Piergiorgio (Ducati NCR Nortel Networks) 1'39.725

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