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Hi Guys (and gals):
Banana Man here: I wanted to tell everyone about our group so that if your interested in riding with us, send me your E-mail address and I'll put it on the riders list. No obligation, no fees (squids need not apply). We are a bunch of sportbike riders up here in the Summit/ Eagle Counties area (Dillon, Vail, Avon and other towns). I'll be posting rides on the E-mail bulletins and anyone is welcome to join us. We do ride at a "responsible" spirited pace on some of the best roads around and enjoy the comaradery. Give me a shout if your interested. Wind it up babay - it's almost ridin' season.

The Electric Banana Man
01 RSV Mille R #107 and Very Yellow (Still!!)

PS: Check out the attachmant. I took this pic 3/17 outside of Leadville. It's Mtn. Massive the second highest mtn in Colorado and it sits just to the side of the highest Mtn which is Elbert. It's also on the route of one our favorite loops upto Leadville, over Independance Pass, into Aspen, north to Glenwood Springs and back thru Glenwood Canyon and East to Avon - the Rockies!! ain't nothin' like it!!
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