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Carolina Motorsports

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Well at least I'm first at something! LOL

Well this weekend at Carolina Motorsports was a drag. Rain, sand and more rain.

AND I missed watching Existence slide down the track!

Gravity is a cruel mistress.
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btw, have they gotten around to paving any more of the paddock area and adding any buildings...? that sandy soil before entering and exiting the track and "port-a-potty" action certainly leaves much to be desired for an otherwise nice circuit in the "boon-docks"... LOL
They have a pretty nice bathroom. Couple of showers...

But NO paving anywhere in the paddock! I come from an SCCA background and was shocked to see all that dirt/sand! All I did was ride to tech inspection and back and I had to do a thorough cleaning of my chain and dump out 1/2 cup of sand from the fairings.

Gravity is a cruel mistress.
hahahhahaa... aw man, did you hit the nail on the head...!!! :) they need to at least pave the sandy access road to pit out. you practically need a "beach buggy" to keep your front end from washing out and dropping the bike on your way to and from the track... LOL

and when you get home, from looking at the floor of your car, you're not sure if you just came from kershaw or myrtle...?!?!?! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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