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Merry Christmasss!!! squid-squid-squid!!! I mean HOO-HOO-HOO!!!

Ripped from another forum.

"Twas the night before christmas and I'm out on my scoot...
I spot another sled, rode by a fat guy to boot!

I twist back my throttle, to a maddening pace...
and catch up to the fat guy, now it's a race.

He's dressed in red and white with a big ol' beard,
must be the time of the year, nothing too wierd.

We catch a red light, giving me the time to pull along side,
he looks and says "ain't it kinda cold for you to ride?"

"Not at all, my gift to myself" I reply, enjoying the night,
He then taunts "hows about we race to the next light?"

I gave him the nod, pull in my clutch and drop into first,
we get the green and I get the jump with an incredible burst.

I'm pullin' the fat guy, quickly up through my gears,
spooled up to near 80 with a s--tload of tears.

The light is coming fast, just changing from green to red,
I yank on my binders, dropping gears to stop my sled.

I think "Man, I whipped his ass, I'm so sly"
maybe this old fat guy wants another try.

I look over my shoulder, astonished there is no bike in sight,
he couldn't have turned, not a single left nor right.

Then over my head, I cast my eyes to the sky...
to see the fat guy's scooter *flying* on by!!!!

I try to speak, yet I can't get out a word,
he's up there laughing, givin' me the bird!

Well, I burn a away to go back home, I've had enough,
gettin' beat by Santa, life is tough.

I snap on my rotor lock and put the cover on my sled,
I need some whiskey, a cig, then it's time for bed.

So here's a wish from me and mine to all of you,
may at least some of your christmas wishes come true.

Keep the shiny side up, ride safe and ride long...
and smile when you hear your race pipes song.
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