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Best Price on Oil Filters

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Instead of buying filters for my GSXR one at a time from the dealer, I want to buy 5 or more, hopefully at a better price. I've called a number of the places in the back of Motorcyclist/Sport Rider but none of them offers any real discount over the dealer. Does anyone know of a cheaper source(s) for OEM filters? If so, please post the URL or phone number. Thx.
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You can buy FRAM motorcycle filters at some auto part stores (like Muarry's) for about $7. If they don't have them in stock, most will order them for you.

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Assuming the following article to be accurate, is Fram a viable alternative?
My dealer knocks $2 off the filter if I buy 6 or more. I buy 10 at a time.

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I don't buy FRAM either but you did say you wanted the best PRICE/images/icons/tongue.gif/images/icons/laugh.gif!!

Kevep aka the link master had a good place to buy oil and filters but now that all the old threads have gone away I can't look it up/images/icons/frown.gif.

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Errr ... actually I believe I said the best price on OEM filters /images/icons/smile.gif

Sending out an SOS to Kevep aka The Linkmaster for the definitive word on cheapest source for filters.
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what about EMGO high-flow performance oil filters? They are supposed to add 1 hp for the filter alone?
I got an STP filter from Autozone for $5.99, which is supposed to be a good filter according to the article above.

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I used to work at an auto garage and could special order WIX brand filters for $5.37 I bought 9 at a time. I believe the part number is 51358. Also, are the part numbers for the Gixxers 6017A? That means most of the manufacturers are using the same oil filters. WIX 51358 crosses to a FRAM PF6017A and that's what all Hondas, Yamahas, and possibly Suzukis use. Interesting to know.

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