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The Superbike Dbl. Header at Barber is April 22-24 at Barber. There's a whole group of us from the AR Gap area that are going. Y'all are welcome to join us at Barber in April if ya want. I have a discounted hotel where most of us are staying, as well as the motorcycle campground there that some of the others are staying at. Here is the info of where we will be at... if you wanna join us.

Holiday Inn Express
5911 Rd.
Trussville, AL

$68 + tax a night is the special rate. It is FULL PRE-PAYMENT in advance for this rate.

The regular rate is over $80 and the hotel is 4 miles from the track. This hotel is also where some of our other VIP Barber track friends are staying.

Rick Moreland, MSSR (Mid South Sport Riders)president has reservations at:

Comfort Inn Airport
4965 Montevallo Rd
Birmingham, AL, US

Phone: (205) 957-0084 Fax: (205) 314-2400 Toll-Free: (888) 999-0213

The toll free number didn't work today when I tried to call it. I did call them & get their rate of $69 + tax though on the other number. This motel is about 5 miles from the track.

The campers & serious partiers of the group are staying at:

29 Dreams Campground Motorcycle Resort

Which is located on Hwy. 25 south of Birmingham on some good roads according to their website. Guess they have bands and some extras.

It appears these are the 3 options at this point and time. Anyone wanting to make the "connection" with the 30 + - AR Gap riders & Mid South Sportbike Riders... can join the AR Gap website & get to know who all is going... or take private contact with me at [email protected]

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Well guys... looks like we are 6 from AR Gap riders that will be marshalling Friday and enjoying the pits and fun the rest of the weekend.

I've been asked to find a couple more volunteers. Anyone wanna join in in marshalling Friday with us? Hey for $25 you get a free T-shirt, cap, and into the entire event for FREE. Contact me if any of you are interested in being a marshal and working 1 day.

No flagging this time around.
[email protected]
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