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AXO leathers???????

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Does anyone here have AXO leathers or tried them on?
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There really cheap. Poor quality, faded colors, and only squids wear AXO.
Why don't you get a set of Alpinestar SMX leathers?! /images/icons/wink.gif

Welcome to Las Vegas.....Now go home!!!!
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I just want the ones that are gonna get me the most girls/images/icons/laugh.gif
I really would like to know about the leathers though????
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I tried on an AXO suit at Laguna Seca last year. They fit wonderfully and I thought they were awesome, but I wasn't about to spend $1200 on 'em. I'm 6'3/255 and the size 58 fit like a glove, so my guess is they run a bit on the big side, but ya never know. As much as I like 'em, I would get a full custom set from and save a couple hundred bucks (since the Aussie dollar sux right now.)
Vickery has the exclusive on Axo leathers for the Front Range. I agree with Otis, go for the Alpinestars.
I thought about the Tigerangel leathers(or Vanson) I just don't want to wait for very long/images/icons/crazy.gif
Of course I don't even know if anything other than custom will ever fit/images/icons/tongue.gif
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