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anyone ride a TL1000R?

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I'm thinking about guying a TL1000R, and was wondering what the people who own them think. Any information would be appreciated./images/icons/wink.gif

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Torque!!!!.Although its different power than an open class 4 cylinder.The TLR is tall geared,so leaving a stop,a little clutch slippage is required.Compression braking is awesome,its the difference of night and day compared to a 4 cylinder.And just because its a twin,its no slouch in the speed department either,I`ve done 280kmh on my `98 TLR which wasn`t at redline yet,I just ran out of straight road.There are better sporting twins out there,but not at the TLR`s price.I`ve got a Yosh RS-3 full race,re-mapped and a BMC air filter on my `98 TLR and a smile on my face every time I ride:) .Test ride one first if your`re not sure,I`m sure you won`t be dissappionted.........ken.

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I agree w/ auger. And because it was never labeled "the fastest/lightest", you don't see a lot of them out there. TLR's have their faults, but they also have character.
I just bought another bike a TL1000R. This bike is sweet, handles great, sounds killer. It is a little hard on the wrists. Can't wait to get it fully broken in!!!!

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I pick up my new 2001 TLR on March the 16th. It was the last available yellow one in Canada before they changed to the yellow and black gsxr-type graphics. I can't even sleep I'm so excited!!!!!
Dude, I ride a 2001 bike I have ever had and I can't say enough about V-Twins....I come from an extensive history of I4's and even though I respect them very much...I will never go back. Just can't leave that sound and the torque....oh-my-goodness! Good luck and happy riding!

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I have had a TLR for two years now and love it. I rode to DEAL'S GAP last summer and it handled better than I had expected. I love the low end grunt and with the mods that I have done it really moves. Try and find someone who will let you test one and you won't want to give it back!!!
I have had my tiller two seasons now and love it! Tons of torque, and great fun to ride. They have their quirks like anything else, and with some minor mods it's a killer street bike.
Oh yes you will like it. I have a 2000 model and it is a brute. I went with the M4 full exhaust system and the thing sounds great besides dropping about 15 pounds. You will love the engine although it takes a bit to get used to the engine braking from those two big cylinders. They are geared a little high but that is easily solved with a bigger sprocket in the back. A great street bike, just twist the throttle and it goooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss!!
I must admit, the TL is sweet. I just can't decide on which to make my next bike: a TL or an RSV.

Money may make the difference 'cause both bikes aren't all over the place.

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I test rode a TLR last summer.
Nice machine, lots of torque, but the V-twin
did not do that much for me. I like the rush of the
I4 machines.
The engine braking is much more than an I4.
I had no major complaints after the ride.
It was fun, and for the money if I was into the
twins, I would probably be riding a TLR.

Is winter over yet?
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