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Arild & I contacted the membership dept. today & the manager will
get back to me next week regarding a "group rate".

I have had 2 AR Gap website members already contact me today saying
that they want to become Air Evac members & want details of where to
put the stickers on their bikes, helmet, etc. so anyone finding
them in an emergency situation knows to call Air Evac if needed.

Air Evac is sending me 25 application forms & the manager will get
back to me next weekend. The MSSR (Mid South Sport Riders) club will be taking this issue up at their Jan. meeting. (Arild & I are officers in that club which is based out of Memphis, TN) I am trying to get Air Evac to land the chopper at AR-ranch or AR Gap for the St. Patrick's Day Spring Opening Ride. So we can all check out the "inside" of it & meet the local pilot & crew. Some good local folks to know! They logged in the coordinates for both locations now. At least yesterday's gap location, 1 1/2 mile north of the south junction & AR-ranch front yard location.

To find all info. we discuss about this in the future on the AR Gap ara riders website,
all you need to do is type AIR EVAC in the "search" box (top left corner) of the message board... all posts will come up there. I won't be dbl. posting everything on this site. You AR Gap area riders from LR need to join & check in the AR Gap area riders website once in a while. We have 194 riders that meet for lunch, rides, local sport bike rallies, etc. on that site. Almost every single one of them Arild & I know personally & have ridden with most of them at one time or another. I won't post the local rides on this site.

Anyone wanting more info about Air Evac or the AR Gap area rides & events, please feel free to contact me.

[email protected]

Note to self: Make sure an Air Evac sticker with the phone number is on every single one of my vehicles. Can't believe I never put one on the vette. I do have them on the 929, the truck, the mercury, the house... what an idiot for not having it on the vette. It is in my cell phone with a 1 touch button though.
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