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Anyone who is a business person will know the value of advertising and promotion, and will be aware of the cost required to gain new customers and maintain websites.

eSportbike incurs costs every month to run the site and our means of recovering costs is advertising, therefore, no commercial advertising is not allowed on the boards without going through the Admin.

I compare anyone attempting to advertise in the forums the same as if I took the eSportbike Server to an ISP and set it up and walked out... free bandwidth... I DON'T think that I could get away with that. Do you?

You may to contact [email protected] to develop a no-dollar cost promotional campaign that will develop interest of the product amongst the members, and of course if you want site recognition, we could build a great advertising campaign, too.

OK... what is allowed...

We do allow informative posts. If you want community feedback on a part and/or share information about your purchasing experiences, then I encourage your posts. If it will benefit members and not any one in particular... post away.

... and what is not...

If your post is to profit you or to pull traffic from eSportbike, then it is not allowed without permission. If you are promoting a small shop, then it will probably be deemed unallowable. If you are promoting a product or service and your post is not informative other than to promote... it will not be allowed.
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