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HOLY CRAP... dig (the young American) ben boz's trap speed... only 8mph off the "double ton"...!!! all's terblanche needs is to give the redesigned 999 a slightly better Co/D than the mille's (not holding my breath though) and it'll be there on the regular baby...!!! gotta love racing in the cool, dense "turbocharged" air of sea level. WAAAHHHOOO...!!! :) copy/paste from amasbk...

Phillip Island Speed Trap Times after final qualifying

by staff
Friday, March 22, 2002

Pos. Rider Team Bike Speed

1 Ben Bostrom L&M Ducati Ducati 998R 192 mph
2 Noriyuki Haga Aprilia Racing RSV 1000 SP 189.5 mph
3 Colin Edwards Castrol Honda Honda VTR-SP2 186 mph
4 Troy Bayliss Ducati Infostrada Ducati 998R 185 mph
5 Pierfrancesco Chili NCR Ducati Ducati 998R 185 mph
6 Neil Hodgson HM Plant Ducati 998R 185 mph
7 Steve Martin DFX Ducati 184.5 mph
8 Hitoyasu Izutsu Kawasaki Racing Kawasaki ZX-7RR 183 mph

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Haga pull the same speed during the race (308kph). I didn't realize Phillip Island was such a fast venue. Last year it rained and the year before I missed the race so this was the first dry event that I had seen.

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