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'94 EX500

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\'94 EX500

I'm selling my 1994 EX-500. It's got about 29k miles on it, and it's been down a few times. It's got scraped up mufflers and various scratches and nicks. It's actually a salvage title because State Farm didn't want to replace the front fairing. I just put new tires on it about 400 miles ago. The bike runs great and would be perfect for someone learning to ride.

I'm thinking of selling it for around $1800. Does that sound about right?
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Re: \'94 EX500 about some pics? I am looking for a starter bike for my fiancee. Are you negotiable on the price? Maybe we could work out something to make us both smile.

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Re: \'94 EX500

Yeah man, I'll put some pics up on my site this weekend.

It would be a great bike to learn to ride on, it was for me. It's clean, it runs great and you're not gonna feel terrible when she drops it in the driveway.

The price is negotiable. /images/icons/smile.gif

Updated: Here's two pictures of it. I'll put some more up.
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