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2001 RSV and other rides...

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I just got the Aprilia last week. Now 165 miles on it, just derestriced it this evening, haven't driven it yet. Was in bike week in Daytona all week. Will see how the derestricted bike cranks and idles cold tomorrow after work. Here are some pics of the other rides I ride....
91 bandit 400 girlfriends bike, gsxr 750 good wheelie trick bike, 86 VF1000R 2900 miles mint just got 2 weeks ago, was the bike I always wanted growing up, I was 16 when it was in the showrooms, and my Newest addition 2001 RSV Mille the blue color sold me, it won't be stock for long.....
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Thats a nice collection you have there. I saw an identical VF1000 in mint condition at Daytona with Michigan plates on it. I too was 16 when it hit the streets and I did feel a twinge of nostalgia when I saw it again last week. One day I will be able to have my own collection of significant (to me) bikes.

If you think the GSXR is good for wheelies, just wait to you ride the de-restricted Mille /images/icons/wink.gif.

Take care,

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