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12 year old charged with raping his teacher

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Wow. :808908-wtf:
how can you not fight a 12 year old off?I mean theyre are 12...just put an arm out and they can't reach you
Really! :808908-wtf: She probably wanted him ever since he was 10 :lol: I know "some" 12 yr. olds can be 5'10"+, but all she had to do was yell "Time out!" and he probably would've
slinked over to the corner of the room :bawling:
I'm going to have to go ahead and call BULLSHIT on this one.

There's something not right. :smirk:
At 12 years old, a reasonably big kid can overpower a reasonably small woman, easily. My wife works at an elementary school here in NYC, and she always says its unbelievable how strong the kids are and how violent they are when they fight. I'm not sure how it is in ENgland, though. But don't judge a 12 year old's ability versus your own, as a grown man. Think of a violent 12 year old against some 5'2" 100lb woman, easily possible for him to hold her down.
I teach middle school 6th-8th graders Twelve-year-olds are in there somewhere. There are some students that could over-power some of our teachers. Could have happened, I've broken up a couple fights & they're stronger then you might realize ~

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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