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Engine Case 243 Day 45

INT: A packed courtroom. Along the walls reporters furiously scribble notes as sardine-like spectators whisper to each other. The defendant sits poised on the stand, seemingly almost bored as the prosecution begins to ramp up their cross examination.

MCCOY: Mr. Dal'Igna, are you not the person who brought this swing arm aero device to Moto GP?

GIGI: Actually Mr. McCoy, I wasn't. Yamaha actually used a similar device in 2018 during wet sessions. Aprilia tested with a similar design.

MCCOY: But you were the first to use it in a dry race setting.

GIGI: Correct.

MCCOY: Knowing that the other manufacturers would try to copy you.

GIGI: That was always a possibility.

MCCOY: (Almost speaking over him) Knowing that the additional downforce would be potentially disastrous if not carefully tune.

GIGI: I think that you may be mistaking me for someone else Mr. McCoy. Our device adds only a negligible amount of downforce at 150 km/hr. It's main function is to cool the rear tire.

MCCOY: But your Ducatis don't travel for very long at that speed, do they?

GIGI: (Sensing the trap) They do for some time.

MCCOY: But they often go faster, especially at a track with multiple long straights like the Circuit of the Americas.

GIGI: Yes, that is correct.

MCCOY: (Suddenly switching tactics) Your rider is currently leading the championship, correct?

GIGI: Dovi has a 3 point championship lead yes.

MCCOY: (Emphatic) And he got that lead, with the aero device that you had been testing for a longer time. Didn't he Mr. Dal'Igna?

GIGI: (Ol' father Christmas geniality) Mr. McCoy, he only finished 4th, not even on the podium. Alex Rins in first place? No aero. Valentino Rossi in second? No aero.

MCCOY: (Pouncing) But Jack Miller in 3rd... on a customer Ducati with the fully tested swingarm aero, in second. And your Dovi in 4th place after a disastrous qualifying. And you expect us to believe that your well tested device had nothing to do with it.

GIGI: I think that the first and second place results speak for themselves. All of the crashes are the only reason we placed. If not for Marquez's.... accident, we wouldn't even have made the podium.

MCCOY: (Seething) You knew that Honda would feel obligated to try to follow your lead....

GIGI: Honda have always gone their own way. Remember the V5? Why follow such the lead of such a small European factory?

MCCOY: (Gaining momentum) You're setting up Jack Miller to be a championship spoiler by giving him the aero having Dovi qualify badly....

GIGI: Jack has only finished 6th at Jerez last year on the Ducati Mr. McCoy. He crashed out on a Honda the year before that and only managed 17th the year before that. That's hardly a spoiler.

MCCOY: And with Rossi being susceptible to being picked off by younger riders....

GIGI: (Ticking off on his fingers) 2nd in Austin this year, 1st in Jerez in 2016....

MCCOY: (Pouncing) But only 5th last year, and 10th in 2017! You knew Honda would be desperate to keep whatever advantage they had and you baited them to make a rash decision that resulted in the death of a young man's championship lead!

GIGI: (Spreading arms benevolently, like Italian Jesus welcoming the little children to the Redbull Rookies) Mr. McCoy, I am capable of a lot of things. But mind control?

MCCOY: I know what you're capable of... (looking at the jury) and they do to.

Engine Case 243 Day 47

INT: Hushed courtroom. The bailiff takes a folded piece of paper from the jury foreperson and hands it to the judge without looking at it. The judge unfolds the paper, reads quietly, then places it before him.

JUDGE: Mr or Ms Foreperson, has the jury reached a verdict?

FOREPERSON: (standing) We have your honor. We find the defendant....

Fade to black.

- END -

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