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Question About Recent Oil Change

Hey Guys, I have not been on this forum in a long time. I still have my 2002 Kawasaki ZX6-R though and had a question. First this is a low mileage (8000 miles) garage queen that is only ridden a few times a year. It has been always garaged and actually never seen rain (crazy I know). The valve clearance adjustment got done at 7500 miles per the service manual as well as coolant / brake fluid changes. Everything was in spec at that time. Other than that it has basically had a YEARLY oil change for the last few years due to low usage. I always have used Amsoil Oil & Filter since the second oil change back in 2002. When I changed it last weekend, I notice some very tiny silver flakes at the very bottom of the oil drain pan. They were small enough not to be felt between my fingertips. I separated a couple of them to see if they were magnetic. They were not, so I am assuming it is aluminum. Is this a non-issue ? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Dave In Georgia

P.S. The bike runs perfectly like it did when it was new.
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