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2000 R1 Mirrors

Wow I can still log on, this will be interesting if I can get a response.

I used to spend countless hours and post here all the time many years ago. My bike has been in the garage for the past three years and is still in showroom condition (once I wash the quarter inch of dust off it).

Red 2000 R1

I am getting ready to start riding it again in the spring. I guess all's it needs is a new battery and front and back Q2 or what ever tire we are up to now and oil and a filter.

My question is does any one have a recommendation for replacment mirrors that will bolt on to the fairing mounts in place of the stock ones.

I remember that I never new what was behind me from the severe vibration regaurdless of the RPM and what is on there was basically useless.

Please excuse the fact that I don't have an Avatar and my profile is not completly filled out and out dated by todays standards. I will do my best to remedy that ASAP.

Also please excuse me if I should have used the search function as again not only I am suprised I can still log on, all my posts from pre 2002 are gone.

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