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MotoGP: 2017 Round 03 - Circuit of the Americas (SPOILERS)

Circuit Information

LENGTH: 5.5 km / 3.43 miles
CORNERS: 11 left - 9 right
WIDTH: 15 m. / 49.21 ft.
LONGEST STRAIGHT: 1200 m. / 3937.01 ft.

Circuit Record: 2'03.575 Marc MARQUEZ (SPA) 2014

157.9 Average Speed (km/h)
345.2 Top Speed (km/h)

A long time ago, on a race track far, far away...

Prix Wars: Return of the Redline

Maverick Vinales has returned to his home track of Tatooine in an attempt to rescue his friend Marc Marquez from the clutches of the vile gangster Repsol the Honda.

Little does Mav know that the GALACTIC DUCATI EMPIRE has secretly egun construction on a new armored race fairing even more powerful than the first dreaded pre-season Hammerhead.

When completed, this ultimate weapon will spell certain doom for the band of manufacturers struggling to restore freedom to the paddock...

INTERIOR: A well lit garage. The walls and floors are immaculate, befitting a development clean room. A sleek trailer pulls up and the rear door lowers dramatically as Darth Rider exits. He is greeted by Riccardo Savin, The Ducati Empire's chief vehicle dynamics engineer.

SAVIN: Lord Rider. This is an unexpected pleasure.

LORENZO: You may dispense with the pleasantries. I am here to put you back on schedule.

SAVIN: (Turning ashen and starting to shake) I assure you that our engineers are working as hard as they can...

LORENZO: My pace this season has been horrible. I qualified 18th in Argentina. I might as well have been on a push bike. The satellite Ducati teams have been making an embarrassment of us. In Austin I was 10th in 2014, 4th in 2015 and 2nd in 2016. My results have always been getting better and the only thing left to do was wipe that smile off Marquez's face. Now, where is the new fairing?

SAVIN: It's not complete, but I assure you that it will be ready shortly.

LORENZO: The emperor does not share your optimism.

SAVIN: But he asks the impossible. Making the box winglets work without adversely affecting the front... it will take time.

LORENZO: Perhaps you can tell him that when he arrives.

SAVIN: (The trickle staining his pant leg is not sweat) Dall'Igna is coming... here?

LORENZO: That is correct. He is most displeased with your lack of progress.

SAVIN: We will double our efforts.

LORENZO: (Walking away) See that you do.

INTERIOR: The dank confines of Repsol the Hutt's pit box. Rusted tools and the refuse of take out lunches are scattered all over the room. Hanging on a wall is is the figure of Marquez, encased in a prison of braking woes and loss of drive. The masked figure of Clutch the bounty hunter skulks out of the shadows and up to a bank of terminals displaying telemetry data. It presses a series of buttons that release Marc from his bindings, and catches him as he falls.

CLUTCH: Just relax for a moment. You're free of the carbon brakes.

MARC: (Touches the mask of Clutch and moans)

CLUTCH: Hush. You have pre-season sickness.

MARC: I can't win.

CLUTCH: Your victories will return in time.

MARC: Where am I?

CLUTCH: Repsol's place.

MARC: Who are you?

CLUTCH: (Removes helmet to reveal the face of Dani Pedrosa) Someone who shares a garage with you. I've got to get you out of here.

REPSOL: (Laughing)

MARC: I know that laugh...

REPSOL: (Laughing darkly as the curtain is pulled back, revealing an alcove filled with giggling sycophants. Grid girls hand out cans of Red Bull while greasy technicians lewdly fondle Michelin tires).

MARC: Hey, Repsol! Look, Repsol, I was just about to win last time but I got sidetracked by the gravel. It's not my fault. Turn 2 came out of nowhere!

REPSOL: (In Japanese, subtitled) It's too late for that, Marquez. You've been a good racer, but now you're Grom fodder.

MARC: Look...

REPSOL: Take him away!

MARC: (Being hauled away by disheveled pit crew) Repsol, I'll pull the triple this weekend! Practice, qualifying and race! I've never lost in Austin. Don't be a fool! You're throwing away a winning fortune....! (voice fades away)

INTERIOR: Emperor Gigi Dall'Igna's control tower. Vinales stands poised, the shimmering blue of his M1 glowing in the darkness. The Emperor descends the stairs ominously toward him.

GIGI: If you will not be turned, then you will be destroyed!

MAVERICK: (Jumps aboard the M1 and races around the track for a fast lap. Slides the rear onto the front straight only to be showered by lightning as the GP17 blasts past in a thundering roar. Tries again, passing the GP17 using the M1's superior handling only to lose on the straights.)

GIGI: Young fool. Only down do you understand, in the end. Once the Hammerhead is complete we will be unstoppable!

MAVERICK: (Is almost unconscious from the sonic boom of the GP17 roaring past. Parks the M1 and curls into a fetal position while sucking on his thumb for comfort.)

GIGI: Your feeble skills are no match for the power of the Dark Slide. You have paid the price for your lack of vision.

MAVERICK: (Writhing in agony just before the finish line) Jorge, help me!

LORENZO: (Looks back and forth between Gigi and Maverick)

GIGI: Now, you Vinales, you will LOSE!

LORENZO: First I'm supposed to be helping Marquez. Now I'm supposed to be helping you. And Kim thought she was breaking the internet? They'll burn this mutha down after this. (Picks up Gigi and hurls him into an exposed chamber of a V5 cylinder head)

MAVERICK: (Panting frantically, crawls back onto the M1 and lines up on the grid)

- End Credits -

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I think that the biggest question going into the weekend is whether this is the year that someone finally breaks Marquez's streak at COTA. He has shown absolute dominance here every year, even when fighting with the 2016 bike. This would be a good time to pounce if anyone in the field can, and Maverick seems really well positioned to do so. But, it could also be the track where Marc starts mounting his comeback for 2017.

Sportbiker: Member of a community where you are referred to in derogatory terms if you do not wear leather and use chains (drive).
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